Michael & Jessie have begun their 15th year of mentoring the Maple Leaf Writing contest with the 5th & 6th graders of the Brattleboro, VT schools.

"AuthorFest" in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Michael & Jessie will be attending this event on April 10-11th, 2015. On Friday, they will do a school visit at Cape Elizabeth Middle School for the 6th graders, Jessie giving writing workshops while Michael does Solar Oven building. Dozens of other authors from around the country will also be participating -- check out the full events at the link above.

April 30th, Michael and Jessie will be talking to the Children's Literature Class of the River Valley Community College in Claremont, NH.

May 21-22nd, 2015 we will attend and present at the Vermont School Library Association Conference in Burlington, VT.



by Michael J. Daley
illustrated by Estelle Corke

Testimonial from a recent Writing Workshop

"Our students really enjoyed the visit with Michael. They were very excited
about science fiction writing after hearing his presentation and doing a
writing workshop with him."
---Kelly Ahlfeld, Librarian
Mettawee Community School

Pinch and Dash Make Soup Finalist for 2013 Read Kiddos Read List Illustration by Thomas Yezerski

Michael J. Daley has enjoyed a life-long love of science, machines, and science fiction. These passions inform his fiction and non-fiction writing with a unique spirit. He is available for school visits, presentations, conferences and workshops.

Named to 3 State Lists Rhode Island South Dakota Oklahoma

In his fiction, Michael strives to give the reader a "you've been there" feel and has created a dizzying space station experience in his first novel SPACE STATION RAT.

In his second novel, SHANGHAIED TO THE MOON, the reader joins Stewart Hale on a perilous journey to the Moon in an ancient space shuttle.

Advanced Praise for RAT TRAP "In this sequel to Space Station Rat (2005), Daley presents another entertaining outer-space romp...the fast-paced plot is sure to please fans of computer games and sentient machines..." ---KIRKUS REVIEWS,

My 5 foot by 5 foot writing tower with solar panels for electricity.

It's hands-on solar activities with AT HOME WITH THE SUN, including his hit PIZZA BOX SOLAR OVEN---cook solar s'mores! Michael has presented energy issues to over 25,000 kids in schools, libraries, and summer camps all over New England.

Michael writes his books in a five foot by five foot tower room on a solar powered laptop computer. He lives in Westminster, Vermont with his wife, award winning childrens author Jessie Haas.

BACK IN PRINT! Open Roads republished in E-book my three sci-fi titles! Follow the links below to full descriptions and how to purchase.AND don't miss the E-book version of AMAZING SUN FUN ACTIVITIES available on TeachersPayTeachers.com

Amazing Sun Fun Activities introduces kids in grades 5-8 to the principles of solar energy with fun sun facts and fun sun activities, including a pizza box solar oven for cooking Smokeless S'mores, dead dinosaurs in your gas tank, and Roman solar access laws. Clear language rooted in everyday experiences and inviting illustrations create open, friendly pages that encourage exploration for both the interested and the reluctant young scientist. Readers will discover and build while learning scientific methods and awakening an ongoing curiosity about this subject fast becoming a dominant part of our energy future. First published in 1995, Amazing has been revised and updated for 2015.

Pinch and Dash are back again
for another zany adventure!

Aunt Hasty has sent Pinch her couch.
Pinch does not want a couch.
Pinch does not need a couch.
Pinch does not like this couch.
It is a terrible couch!

Can his friend Dash help Pinch
solve this terrible problem?
Or will Pinch never sit in
his snug chair again?

A Junior Library Guild Selection

cover illustration by Thomas F. Yezerski copyright 2013


Pinch is hungry. But he is too lazy to make his own soup.

Dash is a great cook. But he never puts enough pepper or hot sauce in his soup.

Can two friends make the perfect pot of soup? Or will a spat about spices spoil their lunch?

Meet Pinch & Dash, two good friends who do things differently---but always stick together in the end.

Available in hardcover & paperback
ISBN 978-1-58089-346-6

Also available as an Audio Book from Recorded Books.

Stay on the look-out for more adventures next year when PINCH AND DASH star in THE TERRIBLE COUCH!

And please don't miss my wife, Jessie Haas' new early reader: Bramble and Maggie. The cover and link is just to your left.

"Daley's easy-reading text about good friends learning to cooperate is served up just right with Yezerski's illustrations in pen, ink and watercolor." --- Kirkus

"A good choice for librarians looking to expand their upper range of their beginning-reader collections." ---SLJ

"Daley's effective use of repeated words and phrases, simple vocabulary, and grouping of events into four short chapters makes this very accessible to novices, while the gentle situational humor will also help facilitate reader's digestion of this easy reader." --- The Bulletin


Full Cast Audio has just released an unabridged audio version of Space Station Rat
by Michael J. Daley

There's not much true science fiction available for the intermediate grades, so we were delighted to find this terrific outer space adventure story. Though it is humorous and exciting, its science seriously, as a good SF novel should. This is a solo read, provided by our own Dan Bostick, who was named one of the five best voices in Children's Audio last year by AudioFile Magazine.

2008 Golden Duck Award for Excellence in Children's Science Fiction---Eleanor Cameron Middle Grade Novel
2008 Best Book for the Teen Aged, New York Public Library


One of the things that fascinates me as a writer is how the tiniest chance tidbit of something unexpected can bring an entire world to life in my imagination. This is how SHANGHAIED TO THE MOON came into existence.

There was an NPR report on the discovery of the final camp of the Scott Expedition to the South Pole. Many feet of ice now covered it and a fierce debate was raging: was it ethical to dig down and uncover this place or should the dead be left in peace? Which was the more fitting monument?

For me, this led to the question: What will happen to the site of the first landing on the Moon when we go back there? Val and Stewart and their perilous adventure sprang almost whole from that question.

Praise for RAT TRAP

"I love this book. I love that Rat remains always and ever a grown up person who has as much practical to teach the boy as she has to learn. I love the fact that Daley never loses sight of the fact that in a rough, tough universe sentimental messages aren't half as useful as a good set of screwdrivers."
---The Intergalactic Playground

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In this follow-up to Space Station Rat (2005), Jeff and his superintelligent rodent friend, Rat, are still stuck in space. Jeff is looking forward to returning to Earth with Rat, but the adults have more sinister plans for Rat. --- Booklist
Details on how to read my 100 watt twitter & about my new solar presentations
Stewart dreams of becoming a rocket pilot like his Mom, who died in a terrible space shuttle accident, but his father is absolutely opposed to his dream. And then Stewart meets an old spacer with a very special mission...
Science Fiction
An escaped, genetically engineer rat; a bored, lonely boy; an evil robot meet on a space station. Someones life is in danger!
Want to cook s'mores using solar energy? Take a bath in sun-heated water? Read Space Station Rat using solar electricity? This is the book for you!