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Approaching the starting line....

April 2, 2015

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MIT's Eleanor...the real thing!
Two significant events mark the launch of this blog that will be gabbing about developments around my efforts to self-publish my near future solar race car thriller RACING THE BLUE MONARCH along with other kinds of tidbits about solar energy and solar car racing.

One of those events is solar. The other is electrical. Both are environmental. First is the re-publication in digital form of my solar energy book for middle grade kids AMAZING SUN FUN ACTIVITIES which has been out of print for many years. Revised and Updated with facts for 2015, it's now out there again to make the learning of basic solar energy principles great fun for kids.

Second was the rescue and revival of Tosha, our first generation Prius. Jessie and I have never paid more than $3,000 (used to be $2,000 in the good old days!) for a used car so it wasn't until a few years ago that the Prius came into our price range. We snapped up this 2001 model with the full knowledge that it might develop battery troubles due to it's age. I did all the research necessary to convince myself that we could both afford that problem AND that I could probably fix it myself hurrah for the Prius Chat network! We managed two years of gas saving fun but this harsh winter proved the test for the battery and it went wonky. A helpful tech at the local dealer identified the problem: just four of the 38 battery cells were weak. Choice: $5,000 to replace or DIY with about $180 worth of salvaged old cells. I'm happy to report I did it myself without any mishap and now Tosha is back on the road as vigorous as the day we bought it.

So with these two triumphs under my belt, I am moving at all speed toward the starting line with the self-publication of RACING THE BLUE MONARCH. This novel is scheduled to be released July 1st as a serial in 6 weekly installments bringing back the old time thrills of delayed gratification and the agonies of not being able to flip to the end especially important in a nose to nose race to the finish!

The story in a nutshell is: 16 year old Scooter Cochran's life has been off track ever since his older brother, Eddie, ran away from home to seek fame driving in NASCAR. Then an apparently nutty solar guy comes to class one day. He has this amazing solar powered car the Blue Monarch. And he needs a driver for a big race in Daytona. Scooter jumps at this chance to reunite the Racing Cochrans. But Big Oil will stop at nothing short of murder to prevent the Blue Monarch from winning the race and Eddie's dark secrets threaten to take the Blue Monarch out of the race before the green flag even waves. Can Scooter overcome these threats, and his own demons when he gets behind the wheel, to drive the Blue Monarch to victory and save the world from global warming?

Check in here now and again for news and please follow my tweets @racebluemonarch.

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