Racing The Blue Monarch - Lap by Lap Notes

Test Laps about to begin at Authorfest

April 6, 2015

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You can win this radiometer at Authorfest!
A test run is fast approaching for this whole concept of trying to self-publish Racing the Blue Monarch as a serialized digital novel. Jessie and I will be attending the Cape Elizabeth, Maine Authorfest this coming Saturday along with about 60 other authors. That's quite a crowd and standing out in it will be a challenge. One way I hope to bring attention to myself and Racing the Blue Monarch in particular is by holding a free raffle of a radiometer. If you've read the sample chapters now available on my website, you will know the significance of that prize to the story. This will be a middle school crowd, which is the early end of the age spectrum for Blue Monarch, so it will be interesting to see if I get many subscribers.

To be ready for this event, I have been working like mad to get my website in order for accepting direct payment as well as pleasingly showing off the Blue Monarch and also the digital re-publication of my Amazing Sun Fun Activities book. I do not envy people who do this for a living! There are simply SO many things to think about and so many interconnections and so many details...YIKES! It would not even be possible for a dinosaur like me who last programmed in BASIC at Dartmouth College in 1981 without the amazing website building tools as those provided by the Author's Guild, the resources of my local libraries Putney Public Library, Brattleboro Memorial, & Westminster's own Butterfield Library and the astonishingly transparent and workable payment tools provided by PayPal. A huge thank you to these institutions.

Those interested in the nuts and bolts of the self publishing process will want to know at this stage that I have an artist working on cover concepts and a copy editor beginning the unavoidable process of telling me just how bad my grammar is... Both of these professionals will want to be paid and I hope this helps explain my choice to include the donation options you will find should you become an early subscriber.

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