Racing The Blue Monarch - Lap by Lap Notes

Cover Concept for Racing the Blue Monrach

April 9, 2015

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The first stab at a cover concept arrived Monday from my sister-in-law artist, Martha Haas. You can see it here and also posted already on my website...a way better place holder than my feeble effort with a little yellow background and a nice font for the title! Besides capturing the total cool of these solar powered cars, Martha brought the setting to the forefront Daytona Speedway, one of the most famous tracks of the NASCAR circuit. The cover is a captivating envisionment of the book AND a critical marketing tool. I'm fairly sure solar enthusiasts will gravitate toward Racing the Blue Monarch, but I want to reach a much wider audience yes, to earn more $$$ for my efforts, but also because I want to reach racing fans everywhere, not to mention those who love a good story, race fans or not. One of the big parts of this book for me is it's celebration of the racing spirit and there is, I hope, the weight and presence of that long tradition that began, in part, on the sandy beaches of Daytona.

It's a funny coincidence. Racing is a team sport. So is publishing. We tend to think of the driver as the most critical element and certainly the car would not go round and round without him or her. And when we think of a book, we focus on the writer. That's certainly where a book begins, in a solitary vision. And it ripen in the mind of the writer and comes forth into the world through him or her alone in dialog with the blank page. A very solitary activity. But the moment the writer turns toward the idea of publication, that individual endeavor aquires helpers. One critical team member is an artist, if the writer isn't also an illustrator. I'm grateful that Martha is willing to help. Actually, she designed the cover for my very first self published book, At Home With the Sun and gave it to me as a birthday gift way back in the early days of struggling to become a published writer. Her work this time is no less generously offered, but I am hoping with success, her efforts will be well compensated.

In other news, the very first subscriber to the 6 installments has placed their order and paid their 5 bucks. All of the bells and whistles of that process seem to have worked well. This first fan also made some great suggestions for improving the clarity of the ordering process, for which I'm grateful. Why not check these out for yourself and subscribe today. Though all the data bits travel at once, it would be nice to imagine you have a great pole position by placing an early order.

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