Racing The Blue Monarch - Lap by Lap Notes

Incentive prizes Past, Present & Futuristic

April 22, 2015

Tags: incentive, prize, Society of Arts, X-prize, invention, Michael J. Daley, innovation, Industrial Revolution, pre-industrial, contest, challenge, Xtreme, Racing the Blue Monarch, imagination, gasket heads, amp heads, racing, technological, mechanical, LaGrange point, space, self-publishing

The encouragement of invention and innovation though incentives has a long history going at least as far back as pre-industrial society, according to Brooke Hindle in his fascinating book, EMMULATION AND INVENTION. Certainly, the X-prizes of today can be traced directly back to the English Society of Arts formed in 1754. The Society's full title is: The Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce. The Society of Arts offered cash premiums applied to specific products and awarded medals for quantitative and qualitative improvements. The S-Prize 210 Challenge in Racing the Blue Monrach is inspired by this tradition of attempting to jump-start progress of vital interest to society. Just as the X-prize organization has a list of contests including a challenge for someone to build a Star Trek type tricorder this writer has a cycle of imagined prizes he is using to plan out a sequence of Xtreme Challenge series of stories. Blue Monarch is the first. Two others are contemplated, one taking us to the depths of the ocean, and the other launching us on a race to LaGrange point space. Realization of these stories depends much on the rewards returned to this writer from risking this innovative way of self-publishing Blue Monarch. Realization. Vision taken from the privacy of a single mind and brought out into the world. That is actually the thesis of Hindle's book. He is fascinated with the process of mind that leads to invention and innovation in the mechanical or technological realms. He asserts this is based in a non-verbal skill that allows the inventor to manipulate the elements of machines in their minds, forming a very close approximation to the thing desired, BEFORE taking that vision out into the real world. I am familiar with this form of thinking both as it applies to machines and writing stories. Hence, I have no trouble understanding that in the early days of the Industrial Revolution the Society of Arts also offered premiums and prizes for to encourage progress in the fine arts. There was a recognition, sometimes lost in modern life, that these endeavors sprang from similar operations of the imagination. In part, Racing the Blue Monarch is meant to reassure gasket heads and amp heads of the value and marvelousness of their particular way of seeing the world.

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