Racing The Blue Monarch - Lap by Lap Notes

The Mount Everest of Marketing

May 6, 2015

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To continue the theme of marketing as my promotional efforts increase... Jessie and I recently spoke to a children's literature class at a local community college. The teacher asked if we could speak a bit about the self-publishing process and its challenges. Sadly, this question gave me my shining moment of writerly rhetoric. I knew that the students had all looked at our websites in preparation for our visit. I reminded them of that and paused dramatically and meaningfully– at least I think I did – as I said, “I can very simply demonstrate to you the challenge.” I held up the beautiful cover to Racing the Blue Monarch. “You all saw this on my website. You all care about children's literature and reading and books. Yet, I did not see one single order from any of you. How could you not want my beautiful book?”

A stark reality, not to be lightly dismissed. As you begin any effort to get your book noticed – actually, when you want to get anything noticed in the great chaos of the marketplace – you feel as if you are standing at the foot of Mt. Everest. That is where I stand now as I begin to reach out to family and friends and my small base of fans. Fortunately, I have a book with a clear audience as well: auto racing fans and solar energy enthusiasts and environmental activists. I'm also very much hoping that group of people skilled in the mechanical arts that is celebrated in the perfection of the Blue Monarch itself will also find this novel appealing. It helps to feel there are people out there who are likely to be naturally interested in your material. Perhaps, as I climb out of the foothills and above the tree line, it will be easier to see my way to reaching them.

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