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Distractions & Doubts

May 19, 2015

Tags: marketing, self-publishing, Michael J. Daley, discipline, desire, garden, winter, spring, wild harvest, tempations, frittata, single-mindedness

Thank goodness for a rainy day! Not only was the land getting desperately in need of water, I was needing some relief from the distractions of endless beautiful days of sunshine. No doubt about it, Spring is a hard time to be marketing a book. There are so many distractions as the world awakens from the seemingly endless snows of this past winter. The garden. The manure needs spreading. Woodcutting for the winter to come. Long walks just gawking at the rapid succession of energetic wildflowering nature colts foot, trillium, dogtooth violet, dandelion, now lilac and apple in full flower...on and on, a world powered by steroids. Then there's foraging for and eating the wild harvest nettles and wild mustard and dandelion. And the tame harvest asparagus, early lettuce and swiss chard and collards. Manga manga manga, as my Nana would say. She made the best asparagus frittata ever and I strive to equal it each spring. Got pretty close this year!

A friend passed along this quote, source unknown: Discipline is the organization of desire. Well worth pondering, that one. Confronted with the many temptations of Spring, how can marketing a book stay even moderately close to the top of the list? Certainly, I struggle to keep my focus and energy on that task. For one thing, there is so little reward, so little immediately positive feedback for ones efforts. Now, at age 55, the single-mindedness of my younger days seems even harder than ever to maintain. And a recent death in the family makes me wonder what possible value such single-mindedness can have in the long run anyway. To spend the time on the phone. On the computer. Plotting and planning and spinning around my little activity trying to make something happen out in the wide world where so much is already happening all of it's own.

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