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How COOL is this!!

June 4, 2015

Tags: Racing the Blue Monarch, Michael J. Daley, Junior Solar Sprint Racing, Maine Energy Education Program, t-shirt, artist, designer, racing, Amber Carr, Michael Loughlin, Peter Zack, Maine, Rockland, Owls Head Transportation Museum, race day

One of Racing the Blue Monarch's first fans is an old friend from my solar energy advocacy days, Peter Zack. He works with the Maine Energy Education Program (http://www.meepnews.org/). They are sponsoring the 2015 Owls Head Finals of the state-wide Junior Solar Sprint competitions in Maine. The qualifying cars will race at the Maine State Finals of the Junior Solar Sprint competition to be held on Saturday, June 6 at the Owls Head Transportation Museum near Rockland, ME.

As part of this event, a t-shirt is created and this year Racing the Blue Monarch was honored as the inspiration for the design. Peter says of the artist, "The artist is a friend, Amber Carr, from Cornish, ME. She has been designing our JSS t-shirt for about 20 years---for free!---, taking a germ of an idea from me and putting a face to it. She and I collaborated on a
cartoon series in our local weekly paper years ago. It is just terrific working with her. Then Michael Loughlin, our screen printer (Sardine Silkscreen in Freeport), puts the final touches on Amber's drawing and suggests color combinations. They are a delightful pair to work with."

And for this author, what a delightful result! I am honored and flattered to have inspired such a cool t-shirt. Happy race day to all the kids.

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