Racing The Blue Monarch - Lap by Lap Notes

Distractions & Deadlines as the Final Installment Comes Due

August 3, 2015

Tags: Racing the Blue Monarch, Electric Vehicles, Michael J. Daley, golf cart, snowmobile, distraction, deadline, Dickens, manuscript, haying, sping, wine-making, Readercon, Green Living Magazine, Tea Time at the 100 Watt House, Jessie Haas, winter, farm, EV

Now I feel like Dickens must have each week as the deadline for the next entry in his ongoing serial came due. Before this I have had the luxury of a nearly completed manuscript of Racing the Blue Monarch to draw on. But with this final installment, there are a few loose ends...like 2 (more…)

Why a serial novel?

April 29, 2015

Tags: Racing the Blue Monarch, Michael J. Daley, self-publishing, story, imagination, style, voice, enthusiasm, solar energy, education, serial novel, serialization, newspaper industry, syndication, experiment, online publishing, Avi, marketing, author, book, audience, blank page, writers, Electric Vehicles, golf cart, EV, automobile

My latest EV - not just stories emerge from the imagination!
As I begin the marketing efforts for Racing the Blue Monarch in earnest, I'm getting two reactions to releasing it as a serialized novel. The best one is Neat-O (or its age-appropriate equivalent) accompanied with a certain excitement for both the story and the format. The other reaction is a bit more challenging simply, (more…)

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