Racing The Blue Monarch - Lap by Lap Notes

Distractions & Deadlines as the Final Installment Comes Due

August 3, 2015

Tags: Racing the Blue Monarch, Electric Vehicles, Michael J. Daley, golf cart, snowmobile, distraction, deadline, Dickens, manuscript, haying, sping, wine-making, Readercon, Green Living Magazine, Tea Time at the 100 Watt House, Jessie Haas, winter, farm, EV

Now I feel like Dickens must have each week as the deadline for the next entry in his ongoing serial came due. Before this I have had the luxury of a nearly completed manuscript of Racing the Blue Monarch to draw on. But with this final installment, there are a few loose ends...like 2 (more…)

Seduced by Story

June 30, 2015

Tags: Shirley Jackson, author, horror, macabre, Racing the Blue Monarch, Michael J. Daley, story, reading, sci-fi, The New Yorker, biography, The Lottery, Like Mother Used to Make, captivated, silverware, tableware, romance, genre, willful suspension of disbelief, race car, kids, solar power, solar energy, environmental, writer, short story, ambiguity, mystery

On the eve of sending out the first installment of Racing the Blue Monarch, I was excited to open a collection of stories by an unknown (to me) author and immediately become captivated by her work. Why? Because that's exactly what I hope happens to every single person who happens to begin reading one (more…)

Publisher's Weekly Article about Racing the Blue Monarch

June 10, 2015

Tags: Racing the Blue Monarch, Jessie, author, self-publishing, Michael J. Daley

Happy to report my collaboration with local independent booksellers gained the notice of Publishers Weekly (to read full article click on my smiling face) a very important book trade journal. With just 20 days until the green flag flies on the first installment, this national notice will be very helpful in garner growing interest (more…)

How COOL is this!!

June 4, 2015

Tags: Racing the Blue Monarch, Michael J. Daley, Junior Solar Sprint Racing, Maine Energy Education Program, t-shirt, artist, designer, racing, Amber Carr, Michael Loughlin, Peter Zack, Maine, Rockland, Owls Head Transportation Museum, race day

One of Racing the Blue Monarch's first fans is an old friend from my solar energy advocacy days, Peter Zack. He works with the Maine Energy Education Program (http://www.meepnews.org/). They are sponsoring the 2015 Owls Head Finals of the state-wide Junior Solar Sprint competitions in Maine. The qualifying cars will race at (more…)

Vermont Women in the drivers seat!

May 29, 2015

Tags: Vermont, vermont woman, vermont women race car drivers, Racey Women, Michael J. Daley, inspiration, Amy Brooks Thornton, Ashely Freiberg, Jennifer Getty, Emily Packard, Amanda Habel, Racing the Blue Monarch, research, race car driver, Daytona

You won't want to miss an article in the Apr/May 2015 issue of Vermont Woman (www.vermontwoman.com) called "Racey Women" by Amy Brooks Thornton. This piece profiles four feisty Vermont ladies who have hit the tracks and left some serious skid marks in the mostly male world of race car driving. Each of (more…)

Distractions & Doubts

May 19, 2015

Tags: marketing, self-publishing, Michael J. Daley, discipline, desire, garden, winter, spring, wild harvest, tempations, frittata, single-mindedness

Thank goodness for a rainy day! Not only was the land getting desperately in need of water, I was needing some relief from the distractions of endless beautiful days of sunshine. No doubt about it, Spring is a hard time to be marketing a book. There are so many distractions as the world awakens (more…)

The Mount Everest of Marketing

May 6, 2015

Tags: Racing the Blue Monarch, audience, Michael J. Daley, challenge, self-publishing, books, marketing, challenge, sales, community college, children's literature, novel, story, racing fans

To continue the theme of marketing as my promotional efforts increase... Jessie and I recently spoke to a children's literature class at a local community college. The teacher asked if we could speak a bit about the self-publishing process and its challenges. Sadly, this question gave me my shining moment of writerly rhetoric. I (more…)

Why a serial novel?

April 29, 2015

Tags: Racing the Blue Monarch, Michael J. Daley, self-publishing, story, imagination, style, voice, enthusiasm, solar energy, education, serial novel, serialization, newspaper industry, syndication, experiment, online publishing, Avi, marketing, author, book, audience, blank page, writers, Electric Vehicles, golf cart, EV, automobile

My latest EV - not just stories emerge from the imagination!
As I begin the marketing efforts for Racing the Blue Monarch in earnest, I'm getting two reactions to releasing it as a serialized novel. The best one is Neat-O (or its age-appropriate equivalent) accompanied with a certain excitement for both the story and the format. The other reaction is a bit more challenging – simply, (more…)

Incentive prizes Past, Present & Futuristic

April 22, 2015

Tags: incentive, prize, Society of Arts, X-prize, invention, Michael J. Daley, innovation, Industrial Revolution, pre-industrial, contest, challenge, Xtreme, Racing the Blue Monarch, imagination, gasket heads, amp heads, racing, technological, mechanical, LaGrange point, space, self-publishing

The encouragement of invention and innovation though incentives has a long history going at least as far back as pre-industrial society, according to Brooke Hindle in his fascinating book, EMMULATION AND INVENTION. Certainly, the X-prizes of today can be traced directly back to the English Society of Arts formed in 1754. The Society's full title (more…)

Junior Solar Sprint Racing

April 17, 2015

Tags: Racing the Blue Monarch, solar race car, thriller, kids, Michael J. Daley, building, racing, models, engineering, mentor, competition, pizza box solar oven, Junior Solar Sprint Racing, NREL, science, racing, confidence, renewable energy, hands-on, manual skills, character building

Racing the Blue Monarch is billed as a near-future solar race car thriller, but as the inventor Henson tells Scooter, our skeptical main character, “these cars already exist”. And guess what? Kids are building them AND racing them! We're talking models here – which is the starting point to all real engineering.

These kids in (more…)

Authorfest or Retailing Your Heart

April 13, 2015

Tags: authorfest, Jessie Haas, Michael J. Daley, retail, sales, public, humiliation, girls, boys, books, authors, racing, raffle, thriller, subscription, story, Racing the Blue Monarch, Shanghaied to the Moon, At Home With the Sun, advertising, Beach Socks, enthusiasm, pizza box solar oven

We must face it squarely – there's a sort of terrible humiliation involved in trying to make direct sales to the public. As you sit there in your booth at authorfest, behind your colorful, dynamic, wonderful display of your works, you are confronted with the stark fact that most people – and I mean like almost (more…)

Cover Concept for Racing the Blue Monrach

April 9, 2015

Tags: self-publishing, illustration, artist, Michael J. Daley, Racing the Blue Monarch, racing, NASCAR, Daytona, serial novel, racing fans, team, installments, solar race car

The first stab at a cover concept arrived Monday from my sister-in-law artist, Martha Haas. You can see it here and also posted already on my website...a way better place holder than my feeble effort with a little yellow background and a nice font for the title! Besides capturing the total cool of (more…)

Test Laps about to begin at Authorfest

April 6, 2015

Tags: cape elizabeth authorfest, racing, Michael J. Daley, Racing the Blue Monarch, racing the blue monarch, self-publishing, serial novel, laps, solar energy, website, library, middle school, kids, computer programming, sample chapters, radiometer, donations

You can win this radiometer at Authorfest!
A test run is fast approaching for this whole concept of trying to self-publish Racing the Blue Monarch as a serialized digital novel. Jessie and I will be attending the Cape Elizabeth, Maine Authorfest this coming Saturday along with about 60 other authors. That's quite a crowd and standing out in it will be a (more…)

Approaching the starting line....

April 2, 2015

Tags: solar race car, racing, self-publishing, solar energy, Michael J. Daley, Racing the Blue Monarch, prius repair, DIY, NASCAR, serial novel, thriller

MIT's Eleanor...the real thing!
Two significant events mark the launch of this blog that will be gabbing about developments around my efforts to self-publish my near future solar race car thriller RACING THE BLUE MONARCH along with other kinds of tidbits about solar energy and solar car racing.

One of those events is solar. The other is electrical. Both are environmental. (more…)

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