"Clever Boy!".
---Intergalactic Playground

"A thoughtful and satisfying adventure..."
---School Library Journal, Aug 2005

"...this far out animal fantasy is light years ahead of the competition."
---The Bulletin, July 2005

"Short, snappy sentences...create a fast-paced story sure to please sf buffs."
---Booklist, July 2005

"There's excitement, there's suspense, there's mystery. And best of all, there's some unanswered questions that mean we're in for a sequel!"
---Thunder Child Reviews, Dec. 2005

"...a treat for young sci-fi fans. His depiction of human (and rodent) nature brightens this adventure-amoung-the-stars with a warm and winning heart."
---Karen Hesse, Newbery Award-winning author of OUT OF THE DUST

"...funny and scary and always fast paced...I enjoyed it a lot, though I did get a bit dizzy now and then, racing through the low gravity parts of the space station."
---Jeanne DuPrau, author of CITY OF EMBER

"...what's not cool about a genetically engineered Rat with lavender hair?"
---Conan Tigan.



Rat did not know which was worse; being hungry most of the time, or being lonely all of the time.

She huddled in the shadows just inside the air vent. Through the grate she could see into the cafeteria. Alone in the large room, the boy sat a a table, eating an apple. He got it from one of the machines on the wall.

Wicked machines. They gave food to everyone, except Rat. Rat hated them.

The boy ate the apple. Rat heard every bite: the pop of skin, the crush of sweet, white flesh, the wet slurp of juice. The air was heavy with apple smell.
Rat's belly ached with wanting the apple. She bit into a nearby wire to stay calm. One...two...three tiny nips with her long, very sharp front teeth. She did not allow herself anymore. She did not bit deep. She only grazed the toothsome outer cover.

On a space station, every wire mattered.

A space station was a serious place. It was a clean place. It was no place for Rat.

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In this follow-up to Space Station Rat (2005), Jeff and his superintelligent rodent friend, Rat, are still stuck in space. Jeff is looking forward to returning to Earth with Rat, but the adults have more sinister plans for Rat. --- Booklist
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Stewart dreams of becoming a rocket pilot like his Mom, who died in a terrible space shuttle accident, but his father is absolutely opposed to his dream. And then Stewart meets an old spacer with a very special mission...
Science Fiction
An escaped, genetically engineer rat; a bored, lonely boy; an evil robot meet on a space station. Someones life is in danger!
Want to cook s'mores using solar energy? Take a bath in sun-heated water? Read Space Station Rat using solar electricity? This is the book for you!